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Goods now to your front door - sustainably! 

Coast Range Cannabis is committed to sustainable business practices in the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry. Our first delivery vehicle is fully electric, emitting zero tail-pipe emissions! 

We support our customers who prefer discretion, which is why our delivery vehicle is not branded. 

Did you know?

In a 2021 study, 90% of cannabis purchased through illicit BC stores contained:

- 24 different pesticides

Unacceptable levels of:

- fungi

- bacteria

- heavy metals

Coast Range Cannabis is a Provincially Licensed cannabis retailer. Our products are tested for accurate potency and contaminates. Know what you're consuming, get the goods on your goods.

Comox Valley Cannabis Delivery

How it works:

1 - View Our Menu

View our new easy-to-navigate live menu and pick your goods. 

2 - Pick "DELIVERY" at checkout

Complete your order!

Please Note:

Delivery hours are noon to 7 pm. Orders must be placed by 5:55 pm for same-day delivery. 

3 - Updates

You will received a text message with order confirmation. 

Once the delivery heads out the door you will receive a second text message.

4 - ID, please

Please have your ID ready for our delivery driver. Your ID must match the name on the order. Sign off on your goods and done! Easy.

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